Moodle Mobile Apps

Yesterday I come across these two mobile app’s for Moodle. I had heard about them, but never tried them out. If, like me, you have also never tried them out, now might be a good time to take a look again.



If anyone is using them and can give some feedback that would be be good. Moodle version, likes and dislikes.

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  1. I know the app (both iOS and Android), because I had tested it for our Moodle. Two or three versions before the actual version I get always some white screens. After that it was necessary to deinstall and reinstall the app! Now it works quite well, but the biggest disadvantage in my opinion is, that you have to login again, when the app open the course content in a browser mode. I think for my student, this is weired or confusing. My student are working well with the “mobile design” (responsive design).

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