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I was rather pleased to get a mention from Joseph Thibault at this years Moodle Mountain Moot in Montana. You can read more about this at Moodlenews, as well as view Josephs presentation.

Josephs presentation was on ID Verification and Course Security. User authentication is becoming important as more and more institutions take their content online. The solution I have developed thus far is not perfect, but it is a start, and one I hope to build on.

So far, I have created to face recognition modules. The one uses face recognition as a means to log into Moodle. The second takes the users photo at the start and end of a quiz, and keeps it as proof of who did the quiz.

With the face recognition login, there is a fall back to a standard login. This can used should you be having a bad hair day and the system cannot identify you. This could be changed to notify and administrator, or even send the user a one time password based on their username and matching email address.

I have built the login module in a way that it extends the existing Moodle methods of authentication without making any changes to the core code. Simply drop the folder into the root of Moodle and update the configuration file.

Face recognition login

Face recognition login

There are one or two small things that you would still need to do, but that’s basically it.

The face recognition in the quiz requires a few changes to the quiz module and an extra report. There is a setting in the quiz allowing you to choose whether you would like photos taken or not. I am sure this is not a function you would like to have happen in every quiz.

The extra  report allows you to see the users profile photo as well as the photos taken during the quiz along with the time stamp of when they were taken. An added feature here allows you to select a photo and run it through face recognition to verify who the user is.

Quiz report

Quiz report

The solutions I am working on are not fool proof, but I hope they are at least a step in the right direction.

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