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As a developer I seldom build content, which means I don’t really know the finer details of the content authoring tools available in Moodle. Yesterday I built a small Lesson activity for a client to show them how it works.

I did not sit and plan it out before the time, resulting in the navigation being all wrong. I looked at this and thought that there has to be a better way. In Storyline you can clearly see the flow of your content in the story view. I wanted to be able to see the same in Moodle.

A few years ago I built a Diagram tool in Adobe Flex 3 that installs to your desktop as a small AIR application. I fired this up and tried mapping my Lesson out in it. Below are a few images showing the results of my efforts.

Lesson in Moodle

Lesson in Moodle

Lesson in the diagram tool

Lesson in the diagram tool


The tool worked quite well, and I could see the path the user would take as they navigate through the lesson.

Here is an animation showing who the tool works.



There are a number of panels on the left. Each panel contains a group of icons. Select a group and an icon and drag it onto the screen. Once on the screen the icon can be linked to other icons as well as labelled.

The diagram can be exported to .jpg, .pdf or .png formats. You can also export to XML and import again to rebuild the diagram.

Lastly, you can also change the way in which the diagram is displayed, and the spacing between the icons.

If anyone would like a copy of the tool to muck about with, please drop me a mail and I’ll send one over.



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  1. I have been fighting with Moodle for several months now…this diagram tool looks like it could save me tons of beating my head against the desk. I would love to have a copy if you are willing to share it with me.

    But you also mentioned Storeyline…are you referring to the Articulate product? I seem to be caught in a war between Moodle and Storeyline with regard to test scores. Seems that no matter what combination of publishing options I use in Storeyline, or the activity settings I use in Moodle, I am routinely in a position where a significant percentage of students’ numeric test scores do not record, resulting in an classes that aren’t passed. Moodle says it is Storeyline’s fault, Storeyline says it is in the Moodle end. Between them they are near to making my head explode!

    Do you use Storyline for testing purposes? I would be curious to know what pair of Storeyline production settings you use coupled with the Moodle settings for proper recording.

    • Hi Lynnette

      To be honest, I run the default settings on both Moodle and Storyline. I would be happy to help you work on this problem if you like. I have a few more questions I would like to ask and maybe in doing so we can help you get to a solution.

      We use Storyline for most of our content development, and Moodle for nearly all our hosting, so we do have experience in both areas.

  2. Yes please Sean, I’m interested in receiving a copy of the AIR application to help plan interactive learning scenarios for execution as Moodle lessons.
    BTW, I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the great sharing.

  3. Hi Sean, I’d like to try a copy to see if it helps get the content structure right when designing a programme of study. Thanks

  4. some reflections…
    If you create an action scheme like this, the pssibilty to see the overview of the paths is nice, but there is more. along the path you – as student – make choices. The designer must remembere all these cumulated choices along the (forked) roads. A flowchart-tool isnot a good tool to suport that. In the old days there was the Nassi-Schneidermann scheme tool to help you:
    see for an explanation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nassi%E2%80%93Shneiderman_diagram
    and for a nice implementation here: http://structorizer.fisch.lu/
    or a word template here: http://www.dsw2.de/struktogramme.html

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