Course Organogram

I am busy working on a Moodle site that will have many categories with many courses in each category. Each course will have at least one group, but potentially many groups. Naturally these groups will all have users.

The challenge is that the groups and users will be added to Moodle dynamically from a third-party application. What I really wanted was an easy way to check that the groups were being created correctly, and that the users were being added to the correct groups.

So I built an organogram of sorts.



The animation shows how you can select a category and drill down to see the users. I could have written a few queries to do this, actually I had to… but this is more fun. Using this method, the users and groups can be inserted in Moodle, and I can see that they have been do so correctly.

Just for fun I threw in a little progress tracker that checks the modules in each course, and determines a completion percentage. This then gets displayed as a progress bar. The x/y complete value is a calculation of the number of activities/completed activities for the course.



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