Face Recognition testers

A while back I built and integrated face recognition into Moodle – see the video here: Face recogntion in action

After much internal testing and  reviewing it’s time for me to cast my net a little wider. If anyone would like to test how this works in Moodle, please contact me, or leave a comment below. The idea around the testing is for me to test my code, and for you to see if this is something that could be used in the Moodle.

The testing will be done off one of my test servers, or if you like, I could set up a Moodle site exclusively for you during this test.


0 thoughts on “Face Recognition testers

  1. Hi Sean,

    People starting to become curious about your Face-Pass plugin in Moodle.

    When are you going to share that cool features?

    Do you have your demo site where we can test?

    We are all looking forward;)

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