Tweaking the Assignment Module

Over the past couple of months I have been working on a Moodle site for a client in the educational sector. Actually it’s a main site with 22 caching servers spread around the country, but that’s another post for another time.

Anyway, they had some requirements that did not fit into a standard Moodle. One of those requirements was around the functionality in the Assignment module.

Once a student submitted an assignment it had to go through a specific marking workflow. A Facilitator would do the initial marking. Once marked, an Assessor, a Moderator and lastly a Verifier would all remark a random sampling of the submitted assignments. I believe this is a requirement specified by SETA ( Sector Education and Training Authority).

This required a little “tweaking” of the Assignment module to allow for the multiple markers. Below are a few screenshots showing what this update looks like… so far.

Normal Assignment screen as seen by an Admin or Manager.
Once logged in a list of user, as well as the additional grading columns can be see.
When logged in as a Facilitator – the homepage presents the User with a summary of what is happening in the assignments.
The same homepage screen if you were to log in as a student. Here they are presented instead with a progress tracker.
As a Facilitator the only grading option is shown next to their name. The other markers are show to the right. Changing groups will update the list of users as well as the users responsible for the marking.
Clicking the ‘edit’ icon loads the marking screen. Here only the Facilitator grading field is available. 
As an Admin or Manager all the fields would be available.
Once a grade has been entered and saved, the grade is updated across all the fields. Since only a random sampling will be regraded the users should still be given a grade.
When logging in as an Assessor we can see the grading count has increased by 1.
As an Assessor, the only grading option open to the user is once more shown next to their name.


I still need to wrap my head around a few things. One of those being the random sampling and making the sure I pull a select number of grades from the top, middle and bottom of the stack. Ideally the down-stream markers should be given links to those Users they need to grade. Also, the grades should be withheld until all the marking and adjusting has been completed.

I know I’m bending the Assignment module a bit. For me, that’s the beauty of Moodle. It allows me to tailor a solution for a client, that might otherwise not be possible in another LMS.


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  1. I love this. This is definitely becoming a requirement in many sectors. Would love to see something like delegated marking or multiple marking one day make it into Moodle core. Great ideas here, thanks for sharing.

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