Why Moodle 2.7 and Atto

Today I came across a discuss in Moodle about why one should upgrade. As I read down the post the article turned to the Atto editor. Without going into detail, I’ll show you why I have upgraded to 2.7 and why I like the Atto editor.

Atto Menu

Atto Menu showing my custom plugins in colour


Adding interactive objects to your content


Adding a drag and drop quiz


In the animations above you can see some of the additional Atto plugins that I have created. They allow my users to create interactive, responsive content in Moodle using the Atto editor, that works as well on an iPhone as it does on a desktop.

In one instance a client gave me a word document containing a few smart objects from MS Word, and asked me to turn them into Moodle interactions. The click and popup circle being one of those.


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    • Hi KC

      These tool work hand-in-hand with a custom course format that I build. We provide Moodle as a hosted solution to our clients. The solution includes these plugins and face recognition if they want it.

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  4. Hi the custom plugin is looking awesome!

    Currently I am using bootstrap code to achieve similar effects but haven’t thought that I can do it in atto editor.

    As my work is hosting our moodle with another IT company but they didn’t provide us those features, I am wondering if you could give me a demo access to your moodle with those plugins so that I can show it to my manager and purchase just the plugin separately if possible?

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