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I was recently approached by a company who wanted to sell courses directly from Moodle. Once the student has paid for the course, they should immediately be given access to the course.

They had previously worked with another vendor who tried doing this with Drupal and Ubercart, but were unsuccessful.

I have for now kept the landing page of the shopping cart pretty basic (for now). Clicking on the menu on the left will filter the available courses. The star rating is the same one available from the Moodle plugins directory. It says it’s only available for Moodle 2.5, but I have it working in Moodle 2.8 – so there’s some handy info as well.

The shopping cart is hooked to a popular payment gateway in South Africa that handles the transaction. Upon success of the transaction, the student is enrolled in the course.


shopping cart homepage


Read more modal window

In the video below I run through the process of making a purchase and accessing the course.

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  1. I’m finishing a project that also puts a payment system in front of moodle. I’m simply running the transaction and upon success adding the user to a db table connected to the external db plugin. Are you also using the external db plugin or calling a native enrol function?

    • I made a few minor tweaks to Moodle, including adding in my own table to Moodle and running the native enrol function. The idea down the road is to recommend courses to uses based on similar courses they are looking at buying, like Amazon. But also when a user logs in to look at their courses and recommend a course to them so that they can go buy it.

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