Top Tips on Multi-device eLearning

Originally posted by:   |  Upside Learning  |  February 17, 2015


Top Tips on Multi-device eLearningHow many devices do you use in a single day? One? Two? More than two? In all probability you use more than 2 devices, unless you have been living under a rock!

Studies indicate that the number of people using multiple devices to conduct their daily activities is on the rise.

The multi-device world is well and truly upon us!

(e)Learning as part of this multi-device world demands for it to be accessible anytime, anywhere across all devices and operating systems. However, the intricacy owing to multiple screen sizes, OS-browser combinations, various builds of devices available in the market make the development, testing and delivery of multi-device eLearning courseware a complex affair.

Here’s a compilation of some helpful tips, supported by great illustrations, that will help you in making your multi-device eLearning initiative a success!

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