Light-box in Articulate Storyline: Easy Way to Display Additional Content in E-learning Courses

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Light-box in Articulate Storyline:  Easy Way to Display Additional Content in E-learning Courses

Is your screen filled with content and has no space for more? Are you looking for an easy way to display this additional content? Articulate Storyline gives you the solution for this problem.

While surfing the Internet, you might have come across pop-ups which display videos, image slideshows, advertisements or even a ‘like’ button for the website page. These pop-ups are called light boxes. A similar feature is available with Articulate Storyline.


This lightbox feature can however be used to display videos, images or more information like in the websites. It can also be used as a common slide to display content that is common throughout the course like resources, glossary or sometimes even the course map or menu.

Today, in this blog, we will see how to add a course orientation slide as a lightbox to a course in Articulate Storyline.

Step 01

Open a Storyline file of the course to which you want to add an orientation slide and design an orientation slide as per your requirements in a new scene.

Orientation Slide

Step 02

Now, open the player properties wizard to add a button to the player that would display the orientation slide.

Player Properties Wizard

Step 03

Click the Add button.

Add Player Tabs Button

Step 04

You can give the desired name for the button and create a trigger as shown in the screenshot below.

Trigger Wizard

Click OK both in the trigger wizard and the player properties wizard once you create the trigger.

If you preview or publish the course, you can see the newly added button on the top right corner of the player.

Help Button

If you click that from anywhere in the course, the orientation slide will appear as a lightbox.

Orientation Lightbox

That’s it! This is how we can display content as a lightbox in Articulate Storyline. You can even use this to display the extra information, examples, images, or videos for various slides. For this, you only need to add a button in the particular slide instead of adding it to the player tabs as shown in the examples below.

Video lightbox

Video example


Image slideshowlightbox

Picture example

Picture lightbox


Content example

Content lightbox

Simple and easy, isn’t it? Only one trigger.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using this wonderful feature to display the additional content. Hope this is useful to you. Please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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