Marching Orders for Deploying Mobile Learning Infographic

Marching Orders for Deploying Mobile Learning Infographic
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Thinking about incorporating mobile learning for your company? As the importance of mobile continues to grow, so does the need for a mobile strategy. Check out the Marching Orders for Deploying Mobile Learning Infographic which provides 12 useful tips to deploy mobile learning.

  1. Consider the business need before all else.
  2. Think mobile first, then add development resources as circumstances demand. Google always thinks mobile first; the desktop is an afterthought.
  3. Use mobile to augment. Mobile is a platform for performance support, social interaction or augmenting a course. Don’t simply “re-purpose” courses; it won’t work. Augment the experience.
  4. Align mobile with training and development. Develop a mobile strategy aligned with your performance and development strategy, with which your training strategy also aligns. This is a good mobile strategy.
  5. Advantage of the Phone’s Presence Awareness. Where are they? What tlme is it? Follow the need geographlcally and by the clock.
  6. Deploy tablets when you need to display a lot of data, when space is not a constraint, and when users need to share.
  7. Provide the least amount of viable information to get things done. You don‘t have much screen real estate to play with.
  8. Try, Evaluate, Refine. It’s never right the first time out.
  9. Sensors and Cameras. Smartphones have sensors and cameras; use them.
  10. Vendors and Partners Mobile-Enabled. Are your vendors and partners mobile-enabled? The world is going mobile Is everybody on board?
  11. Not A Tactic, It’s A Platform. Be prepared with a strategy for when the floodgates open.
  12. Design For Loss of Control. Support BYOD but in a safe manner, including use of ‘apps with business data under prescribed conditions. Let people use their favorite mobile device/app to solve business problems.

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