The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic

The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic
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In recent years the digital revolution has changed the way students learn. The The Rise of Learning Resource Centres Infographic highlights how learning resource centres are replacing traditional school libraries, and why LRCs are important to students’ development.

A learning resource centre is a type of library found in schools, colleges and universities. It is a melting pot of both traditional and modern ways or accessing information and key to students learning. These centres contain traditional educational resources such as books, journals, software and audio/visual materials, but they also exist to promote electronic information resources. Examples of these are subscription electronic journals, databases, free websites and other web based resources.

Traditional school libraries have been slow to react to the digital revolution and are not offering students the required resources to help them access information, so it’s important LRCs offer students access to technology such as computers, tablets and the internet.

The cost of technology means many children don’t have access at home to the resources they need to learn. So it is increasingly important that their school has an LRC that offers these resources.The layout, design and resources on offer in a LRC are key to student’s development.

Students are accessing information in new ways, and schools need to ensure students are developing IT skills as well as literacy skills. The LRC provides the perfect environment for this.

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