How long should the elearning video be for my online course?

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Making a video for your online course? Here’s some quick tips about how long your elearning video should be and how to structure the video for your online course.

NX_camera_movie_vintage_director_TEXTThe number one top tip for elearning video is to make it short and snappy. If your video is looking more like a television miniseries you are going to have to rethink what you are doing.

Why? People get distracted and loose concentration very easily. Video can be passive, sitting still and watching requires a lot of concentration and effort in order for your learners to easily learn the lesson objective. Make the video short and follow up with an activity for some more ‘hands on’ learning.

Short videos are more ‘digestable’. A 20 minute video that covers many different ideas becomes difficult for the learner to manage. Some people may want to stop and write down information or ideas, others may want to come back to a point. If you make the videos shorter it enables people to learn at their own pace and use tools they find helps their learning.

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Use ONE learning outcome/objective/focus point per video. Some videos end up being one minute long, others 5 minutes, but the learner can pace themselves and digest that one main point that you want them to take away. Follow up with a discussion, reference to other material, quiz, or any type of crazy activity.

You can put a chunk of related videos together. Just make a series of short videos rather than one long video.

Make the videos more or less predictable BUT NOT BORING. Spice the content up but still introduce and summarize. Use all your learning tools in regards to presenting content in different ways and using questions and suggestions. DO NOT make every single video you talking to a camera.

The first thing most people do when they open the video is look at how long it is and decide if they want to commit that time. They haven’t even looked at the content yet! Make it short, snappy and people will be more likely to sit down and watch four 5 minute videos than one 20 minute video.

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