Grab This Free Storyboard Template for Instructional Designers

From eLearning Brothers by Brother Shawn


Usually we show you templates that are meant to be used by the learner, but this one is completely different in that the end user is actually the instructional designer. Use this PowerPoint Instructional Design Storyboard template to get your juices flowing and your ideas written down.

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Among other features, this template includes:

  • Project information
    • What specifics has the client requested? What authoring tool are we using?
  • Revision history
    • There’s nothing worse than not knowing what draft you’re opening up. Now you can keep that info in one place and avoid the headache of sending a rough draft to a client.
  • Design information
    • What font is the text in? What’s the color scheme? What is our theme? Are we drawing inspiration from anything?
  • Course maps
    • Don’t improvise when you can plan ahead. Just because the flow of the course seems straightforward in your brain doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate to your team or client.
  • Layout areas for desktop, laptop, and mobile interfaces
    • If you’re hoping to create a wire-frame for a responsive project, you really need to have one for each layout. With an area for each device type, you’ll have no trouble thinking of your project responsively.

And the best part of this template is that our members have access to it at no additional charge. That’s right: it’s a freebie!

Through this tool, we want to give you a higher starting point. In so doing, we hope to elevate the quality of eLearning and promote creativity and ingenuity in the industry. Because where creativity goes, genius soon follows.

For more free assets, sign up for a free account today, and we can get you set up with world-class graphics and templates to bring your eLearning to its fullest potential.

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