Compare and Contrast with this Free PowerPoint Template

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Free PowerPoint Template


This PowerPoint graphic is perfect for drawing comparisons between two similar sets of data. Each and every element, from the text all the way up to the individual shapes and pieces of the graphic icons, is 100% customizable.


ccShapesAll the shapes in this template (highlighted in gold) are customizable. They can be resized, repositioned, recolored, or replaced entirely with other shapes if need be. The bars on the bar chart can be lengthened or shortened depending on the data you need to display.


ccTextThe textual elements of the infographic (highlighted in gold) are also fully customizable. Don’t like the font? Change it. Different color scheme? Change it. Wrong numbers or text in the wrong place? You get the idea.


ccGermIrishWith a little creativity, there is no need to limit your data to gender-based statistics. In the graphic above, some elements have been changed in order to compare and contrast German women with Irish women. The male half of the male/female shape at the center (1), has been deleted. A quick copy-pasting of the female half, a horizontal flip, and a color change later, and we’ve got two female halves, one German the other Irish. The male/female labels (2) have been changed to reflect the new data sets. Finally, the little families at the bottom right and left (3) have been altered. The males have been deleted, leaving two females, a woman and a girl. Simply resize, reposition, and recolor all elements that don’t match the new color scheme, and you’ve got yourself a completely different infographic.

Other Data

ccDayNightThere’s also no need to confine your infographic to data about people. Remove all the human shapes and replace theme with something else you want to compare. Here, we’ve replaced the people with a sun and moon and changed the male/female label to a day/night label. Suddenly we’ve got a completely novel infographic exploring a completely different set of data altogether.

As you can see, there are limitless variations that can be applied to customize this file to tell your story or illustrate your data. If you like, please share your thoughts or personal take on customizing this PowerPoint infographic template in the comments below. “Compare and Contrast” is also currently available in our free template library – check it out today!

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