Template Tuesday: In the Mood to Play “Deal or No Deal”? Try this!

From eLearning Brothers by Brother Sean
URL: http://elearningbrothers.com/template-tuesday-mood-play-deal-deal-or-no-deal/

Deal or No Deal

Beat the Banker is a fun eLearning game template for Articulate Storyline that will appeal to fans of modern game shows. The learner selects one of 26 numbered briefcases, each containing a random amount of money anywhere from $0.01 all the way up to $1 million. Each time they choose a case, the amount inside is removed from the game. Every so often, the banker will offer the learner a certain amount of money, based on the amounts left in play, to quit playing. Along the way, the learner will answer questions that come in various forms, such as multiple choice, multiple response, or true/false.


Beat the Banker is the perfect answer to those who love to play Deal or No Deal. This game is fully customizable, which means you can easily change around the elements of the game—color scheme, branding, etc.—and make something that not only fits your company’s overall aesthetic, but also fulfill the learner’s desire for stimulation and entertainment.


The game is also SCORM compliant and optimized for digital interfaces, so say hello to excellent eLearning games on the go.

This game would work well in a group setting. In situations where multiple learners can come together, this makes for a fun competition or a chance for the group to work together. If not, Beat the Banker is perfect for individual instruction as well.

Our Beat the Banker game template is available as a part of our template library subscription starting at $499/year.

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