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You’re about to blast off into space with this special Articulate Storyline Template. Let’s hope you remember your astronaut training. It’s going to take guts, split-second timing, and a lot of rocket fuel.

Or, if you’re not feeling up to that, you can easily edit this bad boy with some basic Storyline skills.

With a dynamic user interface, “Space Ship” is a fully customizable branching scenario. We open up with a futuristic voice-over that instantly sets the mood of being at mission control. Transparent green panels over a starry sky guide you through the experience and are able to give feedback to whatever choices are made.


Five pre-made slides are ready for your artistic touch to bring them to life. These presets have two or three options for you to click on, but you can easily add more if need be. Better still, you can add as many slides to the scenario as your course requires, and you have full control over which slide branches where.

Just because it’s ready out of the box doesn’t mean that you can’t make a few changes of your own. If the images, sounds, and overall aesthetic just aren’t cutting it for you, never fear, brave traveler. Each element can be stripped out, altered, or even replaced completely. Colors and fonts are also up to you, so don’t let anything stand in the way of your vision.

Even if you aren’t sold on the space travel motif, a few clicks can give you a brand new theme with the same underlying skeleton beneath it all. You could replace it with a nautical theme, a sports theme, a medieval theme, or anything in between. Just replace a few files and the art, sound, and content that go over this skeleton are at your soul discretion.

You don’t need a PhD to get some good use out of this template. After all, it’s not exactly rocket science.

Looking for other fun Articulate Storyline templates? Have a look at our template library, and find something that speaks to your design sensibilities.

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