Template Tuesday: Slick and Modern

From eLearning Brothers by Brother Shawn
URL: http://elearningbrothers.com/slick-and-modern-articulate-storyline-template/

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This week’s template highlight is a masterpiece of an Articulate Storyline template called Business 06.

The biggest strength of this beauty lies in a slick look and modern design.

As we’ve said in the past, flat is the new black. Business 06 incorporates a smooth, flat design with soft pastel colors and borderless shapes. The transparent overlays are wonderful!

outline option 1

This template is great for recruitment and group presentations where first impressions matter. With smart layouts and simple sensibilities, this is sure to do the trick. It’s also well-suited to introductory courses and units, though you could make it work for almost anything.


The line-work and fonts, providing a subtle contrast with the background, are also an example simple and striking. When it comes down to it, this template is very easy on the eyes, and will be a pleasant eLearning experience for anyone involved.


For this and other awesome Storyline templates, head over to the the template library and sign up for an account!

What would you do with this template? In your opinion, what subjects is this design best suited for? Let us know in the comments.

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