Top 5 Benefits of Mobile eLearning

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Mobile eLearning

The past decade has seen an explosion in mobile technology. In a pretty short period of time, we’ve gone from being tethered to bulky desktops and “portable” 20-pound laptops, to carrying pocket-sized computers. We’re rapidly seeing the technological landscape grow and evolve, and the trend is moving further and further into the realm of mobility.

At this point, it’s a foregone conclusion that a good eLearning strategy should include mobile learning. Though there are a many reasons to adopt mLearning into your training, there are five reasons in particular why you should give it another thought if you haven’t already.


Perhaps the greatest advantage of mobile learning is that the learners can conceivably carry their class materials almost anywhere they go. As long as they are within the range of a wireless signal, and sometimes even when they aren’t, a learner can take their learning with them.

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According to Pew Research, 64% of American adults now own a smartphone, while many others interact with a mobile device of some sort on a regular basis. This being the case, we now have more communication open to us than ever before. For eLearners, this means that your entire class can be brought up to speed at the moment the need rises. In an instant, you can make an emergency change to a course and seconds later your learners will receive the latest version of the course materials.


As much as it connects you to your learners, mobile learning also connects the learners to one another. Mobile platforms make for a great opportunity to incorporate social learning into the course. Allow your learners to converse with each other over forums and private messages so they can supplement learning with meaningful discussion and collaboration.


How many times in the last week have you pulled out your phone and jumped headfirst down a rabbit hole of social media, news feeds, and viral videos? Our constant proximity to a world of information has made once mundane activities and interstitial downtime into a very welcome opportunity to connect with the world. Throwing eLearning into the mix and these moments of downtime can become bursts of productivity, allowing learners to take on material in small chunks and reclaiming these brief intermissions from the drain.


Mobile eLearning templates represent the pinnacle of user control. Since the learner has the means to accomplish eLearning tasks 24/7,  excuses vanish, and learner feels a sense of ownership over the material. With the ability to get things done chunks at a time, the experience is less imposing, and can be chiseled away over the long-term.

Tell us in the comments below where your mobile eLearning strategy has shined. We love to hear your success stories!

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