Moodle Mobile 2.0 is now released!

From Moodle HQ by Martin Dougiamas

It’s been a busy year for Moodle with some big milestones already like Moodle 2.9, our new free MoodleCloud hosting, a new site and now I’m proud to announce our next one: the release of Moodle Mobile 2.0 for iOS and Android.

Our dedicated Moodle HQ Mobile team have been working hard on the MM2 application, having announced it earlier this year, and we’re really pleased with the final product. You should experience a smooth upgrade from previous versions but internally it’s a completely new app built from the ground up, and you’ll soon notice a cleaner-looking, snappier app with some cool new features. MM2 is built on a new open source framework, Ionic, which will really speed up our mobile developments in future.

A quick look at the new features and improvements you’ll notice in Moodle Mobile 2.0:

  • improved UI and faster and smoother application as a whole

  • introduction of natural functions including pull to refresh, infinite scrolling

  • simplified app experience with filters, easier settings and access to user profile

  • support for many more Moodle features including Activity Completion, Choice, Notes, Book, IMS CP and Chat

  • vastly increased storage space within the app

  • offline access for calendar

  • smarter push notifications that support multiple Moodle sites per app

  • more

Overall the app is a big step forward for mobile learning with Moodle. The app is available to download now for Android & iOS, and will hit the other app stores soon:

The Moodle Mobile roadmap has current plans on the future of the mobile app but it needs your help. If anyone in the Moodle community is interested in contributing towards this roadmap (or other features you think you should be on there) then please contact the Moodle HQ team directly via

Well done and congrats to the entire Mobile team for their terrific effort in this release: Juan, Fred, Daniel, Barbara and Costa.

More big news to come later this year!

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