How to display a digital badge from a Moodle site on an Open Badges portfolio

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This post is meant for learners who get a digital badge on a Moodle site and want to show it to the world.

Step 1: Check out the Open Badges website and create a badge “backpack” account. 

Step 2: You’ll usually be notified by email when you get a badge from a Moodle site where you’ve completed an online course or learning activities.

This is an example of such an email (which I got for a badge I earned):

Step 3: Click any of the links in the email to access the badge on the Moodle site. You’ll see your name, the issuer name, and other details. For example:

Step 4: You can now download the badge or add it directly to your backpack by clicking the links under the badge image. If you don’t see the “add to backpack” link, go ahead and download the badge image.

Step 5: Login to your “backpack” account. On the homepage of your account, you can see all the badges you’ve received and added. If you’ve added your new badge directly from the previous step, you will see it in your account. Otherwise, upload your badge from the “upload” link.

This is how my backpack looks:

Step 6: You probably want to display some or all of your badges publicly. How do you do this? Easy – create a badge collection! Click the link called “Collections” at the top, and you’ll see something like this:

Step 7: Drag any badge you want in a collection to the space on the left. I’ve created a collection called “Moodle”, as you can see above, to display the badges I’ve got for my work on Moodle. I want to display only the badges I consider important, and I’ve added these to my collection.

Step 8: Click the link called “public” right under the collection you want to share with the world. Then, click the link in the bottom right-hand corner to see this collection as it will appear to everyone.

Step 9: You’ll see your public badge collection (or badge portfolio) after clicking the sharing link mentioned above.

You can add a description for each badge after clicking the “edit this page” link. But you can’t change the badge details! These will be presented exactly as given by the badge issuer.

Step 10: To share this page with others, copy the web link of this page from your browser and add this link to your resume and your online profiles (see this post for how to show badges on LinkedIn), share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc, or email it to anyone who might be interested in seeing your badges. This is my badge portfolio, for example.

Enjoy showing off your digital badges!

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