What’s the most popular/favorited plugin for #Moodle? Essential (see what else is on the list)

From Moodlenews by Joseph Thibault
URL: http://www.moodlenews.com/2015/whats-the-most-popularfavorited-plugin-for-moodle-essential-see-what-else-is-on-the-list/

Moodle.org has a new(ish) feature in the plugin which lets you favorite plugins which you think are great, which you use often, or that you couldn’t live with out. Additionally the quick stats at the top of all plugin pages show how many times the plugin has been downloaded, how many sites it’s currently active on (though the calculation here is not clear, is it active registered sites or sites that have installed it through the admin panel?), and finally a selection item so that you can call a plugin one of your favorites.

That data is helpful to the end user giving some semblance of trust worthiness and maturity to the plugin (though you could also look through versions and the comments) and to see what’s trending in the community.

The top spot is no surprise, Essential theme which was one of the first (if not the) first responsive themes for Moodle created by Julian Ridden and now maintained by Gareth Barnard has a handed lead doubling up the number two spot in number of favorites. Check out all of our past coverage of Essential here.

Also on the list is newcomer BCU theme by Mike Grant, Progress Bar, Certificate, evolve-D, Level up!, Configurable Reports, and the “Swiss Army” Auth plugin (which supports Google, Github, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Windows, etc.) by Jérôme Mouneyrac.

The paginated list is available at https://moodle.org/plugins/report/index.php?

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