Freebie Friday: Storyline Character Set

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Storyline Characters

We’ve introduced yet another new item to both our Free Library and Cutout People subscriptions!  This week, we’ve added a Storyline Character set of our classy businesswoman, Courtney. Courtney is one of our more popular cutout people and was recently named Cutout Person of the Month for July!

Storyline Character Courtney

Courtney fits into a lot of different environments, though business workplaces are the most natural fit.  She also works well to represent a teacher or a facilitator for a course. As with all of our Storyline Characters, this set comes with 10 different states/poses, allowing her to show different types of responses. Her range of emotion includes everything from confused to excited, even showing a thumbs up/down for question feedback.

Each of these poses is bundled into one .storytemplate file. Watch this video on how to use our Storyline Character sets after you have downloaded them!

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