Moodlewish come true: The Recycle Bin for Moodle

From Moodlenews by Joseph Thibault

Way back when we were wishing for a way to undo deleting a resource in Moodle. This wish has now been granted thanks to Skylar Kelty who has released the local addon for Moodle. When installed, the plugin offers teachers an additional menu item in the course administration block which details those resources and activities which they’ve deleted.

Check it out at

Once installed it will be required that you make a core change for the recycle bin to work by editing the ‘/course/lib.php’ and adding a single line of code. Good instructions are available on the landing page to get you through that process (though your local administrator would be a good resource to tap); installing but not adding that code will simply end up with a nonfunctional recycle bin.

Two settings help manage the app 1. number of days to keep the deleted resources/activities and 2. whether to show or hide the bin if it’s empty.


Could you ask for a better tool to help assure teachers that they can’t mess up a course or break Moodle? This undo button could save a lot of heartache and time.


Enjoy. Check out more of our Moodlewishes here.

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