Our Top 5 Posts on Mobile Learning

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Mobile learning is new and exciting, and we have a passion for it. Here is a compilation of our top 5 posts on mobile learning that have had the industry buzzing with energy –


Are you curious about the use of social media apps at work? Check out: http://blog.originlearning.com/how-mobile-apps-can-act-as-social-learning-tools/

Want to save time in content creation? Looking for a strategic way to integrate the mobile platform into the existing learning architecture? Read: http://blog.originlearning.com/how-to-transfer-your-regular-training-to-mobile-learning/

Ever wondered why mobile devices are so popular with people? Will knowing stats and facts help you with ideas on leveraging this platform for learning? Check: http://blog.originlearning.com/why-do-learners-want-to-learn-on-the-mobile/

Do you believe that ‘Instant Messaging’ is the rage? Can WhatsApp be a mode of learning? Click and find out:http://blog.originlearning.com/whatsapp-for-learning/

Dispel your myths. Can setting the right context result in prompt and effective knowledge transfer? Read:http://blog.originlearning.com/top-myths-about-mlearning/

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