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When it comes to Instructional Design, Asha Pandey is certainly an expert you can count on. The Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategies free ebook not only is full of fresh ideas (at last!), but also presents a series of specific examples and case studies to ensure application in real work environments. If you’re looking for impactful learning strategies and exceptional Instructional Design tips, this eBook is ideal for you.

Creative Instructional Design: Featuring 7 Learning Strategies You Can Use

As an aspiring Instructional Designer or someone new to Instructional Design, you would have faced challenges on how to apply your theoretical knowledge to practice. You would have wished for a job aid that would teach you precisely how to bridge the gap between “Theory and Application” in the Instructional Design maze.

More so, you may have also hoped for a learning aid that could give you multiple learning strategies in a format that you could evaluate, compare, and apply. Well, your search ends here. This eBook on “Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategies You Can Use” addresses precisely this and more.


The Creative Instructional Design eBook is authored by Asha Pandey. She is the founder and Chief Learning Strategist of EI Design, a leading custom learning content development company in India focusing on learning and performance solutions.

By her own admission, Asha is an “accidental Instructional Designer” but found her calling in Instructional Design. At the helm of EI Design for the last 13 years, she has architected learning strategies and led teams in crafting them for nearly 6000 hours of eLearning.

Besides heading the Instructional Design practice, she also leads an “Innovation and Exploration” team. The feeders from exploration are continuously fed back into creation of innovative and immersive learning strategies.

This eBook reflects the practical experiences of Asha and her team over the last 13 years and features 7 distinct learning strategies that you can use.

Asha is working on her next eBook (scheduled for release in Oct’15) that will focus on Learning design strategies that use Gamification.

About the Creative Instructional Design eBook

The Creative Instructional Design eBook is organized simply with 7 learning strategies that you can use in your projects. Each strategy is illustrated by a live example, screenshots, and information on:

  • The learning mandate
  • The instructional strategy
  • The proposed solution and its impact
  • Outcomes

This makes it easy to understand the power of each strategy and practically how you can use it.

The 7 learning strategies are:

  1. Story-based learning (with linear narrative)
  2. Story-based learning (with branched scenarios)
  3. Narrative through discussion featuring discussion and analysis of dynamics through different perspectives
  4. Entire narrative based on Q&A
  5. Case study/master scenarios featuring real-world situations and examples, also featuring guided exploration and active learning
  6. Scenario-based learning (SBL) featuring multiple paths, examples, and non-examples
  7. Active learning approach (with examples, non-examples and interactive exercises

Each of these examples of learning strategies feature:

  • Creative Instructional Design
  • Learner-centric approaches
  • How to use each strategy to convert user experience to “learnability”

What you will be able to do with these inputs:

  • Understand the power of each approach
  • Learn how exactly you can apply it
  • Know the impact that you can create

Who can benefit

The InSight series is designed to give learning professionals the tools to build a successful career in Instructional Design. With this ammunition, you can quickly learn to apply the training material on the job that would keep you ahead of others.

Besides Instructional Designers, these courses will be useful for various professionals employed in the creation or delivery of online training. They would cut across roles like:

  1. Visual Designers and Leads
  2. Quality Assurance and Testing Professionals
  3. Project Leads and Managers
  4. Account Managers

While these courses have been built with a focus on learning professionals (involved in eLearning and mobile learning), individuals outside of the field will also find several courses to be relevant and useful (notably on Project Management and Account Management).

What more is possible

You can learn more about these strategies by purchasing the online courses they are featured in. These strategies are part of EI Design’s ProductLine “InSight” on Instructional Design that has 15 courses as listed here. These are available on Apple App Store.

Theory Application New Trends
1 Key ID Models 1 Audio strategy 1 mLearning – Essentials
2 Adult Learning principles 2 Writing Effective Storyboards 2 mLearning – Essentials
3 Overview of Learning theories 3 Writing Effective Objectives
4 Training needs analysis 4 Content types and their visualization approaches
5 Introduction to ID Fundamentals 5 Creating Effective Assessments
6 Cognitive Approaches 6 Guide to Editing (Part 1)
7 Guide to Editing (Part 2)

The eBook on “Creative Instructional Design Featuring 7 Learning Strategies You Can Use” is available as a free download from EI Design.

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