Moodle Association Announces Launch Timeline

From Moodlenews y Joseph Thibault

Definitely one of the most talked about developments in 2015 is the formation of the Moodle Association. The Association is a compliment to the Partner program that, according to, will allow more members of the community to have a direct say in the future and direction of the LMS. We’ve followed the progress of the development of the association since the announcement.

There was a significant amount of ambiguity after Martin Dougiamas announced the formation of the Association at the 2015 US MoodleMoot, but progress has been rapid with the submission and acceptance of rules and a project manager selected and thedevelopment of a funding model. Now, the Association is on its way to becoming a legally incorporated entity in Australia.

The latest update provides the following anticipated timeline:

1) 01 Oct 2015 Apply for Incorporation with the Western Australian Department of Commerce (this is one month after Advertising the Intent)

2) Start November: anticipate GST ruling (typically takes 2 months)

3) December: launch Association and the first ever full project cycle

The announcement this week also included a sneak peak under the hood of the Association website to provide the community with a sense of what will be available (see below).

Moodle Association Site

HQ is also seeking recommendations and nominations for the first committee members who will be appointed rather than elected for the Association leadership. The updated Moodle Association website also contains more information regarding how to get involved in an Association Activity and specific Rules and Governance for the new entity.

What do you think? Will you or your organization be joining the Association? Leave your views in the comments below.

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