4 Handy Articulate Storyline Interactions

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storyline templates

Articulate Storyline is dynamic and highly adaptable. Take advantage of this great program and plug in our interaction templates to really spice up your eLearning. We have a myriad of interaction templates to give your course that extra something it needs to stand out.

Drag and Drop Process


Drag each step number to the appropriate step of the process. Once each number is correctly placed, the learner is given a hearty congratulations for their efforts. This interaction is a simple, straightforward way of demonstrating sequential information, such as recipes, task lists and other instructions where order matters.

Bottom Slider


Another great process-oriented interaction, the slider is an easy way to get rid of a boring “Next” button, while simultaneously cluing the learner in on how far they’ve come and how much farther they have to go. Meanwhile, you can fill each slide with whatever you please.

 Image Carousel

image carousel

Here you have a nice photo gallery to rotate through, each image accompanied by a small body of text. This one is perfect for sharing several brief nuggets of information that are all easy to illustrate through an explicit or abstract picture.

Puzzle Piece

puzzle piece

With this little jigsaw puzzle, the learner has the chance to arrange the pieces into a single coherent image. As each piece reveals a little more of the picture, it also does so in a metaphorical sense, giving you some more info in the text pane on the left. Puzzle Piece is ideal for introducing the components of a multifaceted topic, when the order isn’t particularly important.

Check out our full selection of Articulate Storyline interactions.

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