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From Moodle News by Joseph Tbibault

Gapfill Question Type

Andy Mann and the MI Moodle Moot Webinar Series recently had Marcus Green on to provide more details about how the Gapfill Question Type works. While we’ve written about this plugin before, this is truly information from the source as Marcus is the original developer of the Gapfill Question Type.

Marcus created the Gapfill Question Type in response to two factors: the ultimate usefulness of a ‘fill in the blank’ question and the difficulty so many Moodlers were having with the Cloze question type native to Moodle.

I love Marcus’s presentation and training technique – he essentially gets you up and running with the Gapfill Type with one sentence “Put square braces around the missing words.”

Obviously, there’s much more to this plugin than that, and that is what the Webinar Series presentation covers. Check it out for information on things like:

  • Regular Expressions
  • Multiple correct answers
  • Fixed gap size
  • Case sensitivity
  • No duplicates mode

… and much more (especially in the Q&A). You can watch the entire presentation below:

You can get the GapFill Plugin in the Moodle Repository by clicking here.

Do you use the Gapfill Type Question plugin? Give us feedback on it in the comments below!

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