iLite Hubbl components

I have been working on my own Moodle authoring tool for many years now. And, for the want of a better word, called it Hubbl. Hubbl is an acronym for- Helping U Build Better Learning.

Hubbl consists of a set of custom Atto components that have been added to Moodle. Some of the components allow you to add visual effects to your content, while other allow for a small degree of interactivity.

I have many clients who create content in Moodle. The people creating the content are often academics who do not have access to commercial authoring tools. They also don’t know how to add CSS or HTML to the content to make it look better.

The content, although factually correct, does not present well in Moodle.  That’s where Hubbl helps. Using Hubbl you can add the visual element without having to write a single line of code. The components do all the work for you.

I guess the easiest way to understand this, is to look at the videos below.

In the first video you can see how easy it is to add the Alert box to the screen.


In the second video I make changes to the Alert once we have added it. You can also drag it to a new location if you need to.



And lastly, in the video below you can see how to add a little animation to the Alert component. The animation replays every time the component slides into view.



This post has been a brief introduction to the iLite Hubbl components. If you would like to know more, please take a look at our site

You can also head over to our Moodle site ( ) and register. Once you have registered, a new blank course will be automatically generated for you.

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