Mahara 16.10, Mobile Moodle MOOC and Mini iMoot

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Just three quick items that I couldn’t work into full posts – one about the latest version of Mahara, one about a new Mobile Moodle MOOC, and an iMoot reminder.

Mahara 16.10.0

Mahara 16.10 has arrived! Mahara is open source ePortfolio software than many organisations run in conjunction with Moodle (or other Learning Management Systems, I should say). Moodle and Mahara are definitely friends and at Pukunui, we can host Mahara for our clients.

An additional announcement was there is a new mobile app for Mahara! Check out Mahara Mobile for Android in the Google Play store.

I’m been getting more interested and involved with using Mahara, so I’m very excited to see this new version and very excited when Kristina Hoeppner announced at MootNZX that there was a Mahara Hui in Auckland next April. I might have to cross the ditch for that one.

To keep in touch with the latest ePortfolio eLearning news in Australia, I highly recommend you join the Moodle-Mahara Meetup Facebook Group.

Mobile Moodle MOOC

Speaking of news from New Zealand, HRDNZ is running their Free Moodle Mobile MOOC starting next week November 1st. The MOOC is designed for teachers familiar with Moodle but interested in how to better develop and facilitate to mobile devices.

At MootAU16, one of the features touted of Moodle 3.2 was the continued improvements to the mobile Moodle experience. We will continue to see a trend towards mLearning;  as I mentioned, there’s even a new version of Mahara for Mobile. If this is all new to you, why not enrol in the MOOC?

Don’t forget Mini iMoot

Want to attend a moot in your pyjamas? Check out iMoot, an annual global virtual eLearning conference run by Pukunui. We have two events, and the smaller one – Mini iMoot – is coming up November 4th. Registration is open. And the call for proposals for Mini iMoot is still open! If you want to present your Moodle (or even your Mahara) experiences, be brave and sign up to present!


Photo Credit: Yeah I totally stole this from Mahara’s homepage. Sorry.

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