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Source: Test Driving Remote Learner’s Altitude Theme For Moodle | Moodle News


Denver’s Remote-Learner is showcasing its visual customization for Moodle. Dubbed Altitude, is part of their quest on the importance of user experience in learning. A principle they put in practice with their website as example, which is supported on research linking usability with retention of knowledge in Moodle. Remote is an advocate of Persuasive Instructional Design (PID), an intriguing concept yet to catch on.


It is refreshing to witness such a clearly defined mission that is also evidence-based. Remote’s portfolio, named “Interactive Learning”, involves both content development and technology strategies. Their “Creative Toolbox” includes JQuery, SCORM and H5P.

At the center of their model, there is the Altitude Theme. A clean theme with high contrasts might surprise you when you realize you are in a Moodle site all along, were it not for the recognizable icons next to resources and activities. A top left hamburger icon opens the Moodle’s left menu, much like upcoming default theme “Boost” for Moodle 3.2.

The site showcases three versions, each with a flavor of Altitude: original, “Customized Altitude” and “Custom Solution”. At any time on the site, you can switch themes and compare. I particularly liked the top menu behavior of “Custom Solution”, which shrinks a bit when I scroll down.

To see the meat of the experience as a learner, Remote showcases 12 examples of course formats. You can create and account of sign up with a demo user. Versions of courses are available as templates, should you request their course design and development services.

Availability for individual use is unclear. I did not found a page for the theme in the Moodle Directory, nor a GitHub repo. Pricing tiers are not available at this time either.

For more on Remote-Learner’s services and solutions, visit this page.

Check out Remote’s course demos and play with the Altitute theme versions here, where you can also find contact information.

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