Moodle in English: Try out the new Moodle plugins directory interface

Source: Moodle in English: Try out the new Moodle plugins directory interface

We are pleased to reveal the first stage of Moodle’s longer term Plugins directory project – a fresh new and user-friendly front page.

Screenshot of the new interface

With more and more plugins being submitted on a regular basis, Moodle community members and users have asked for particular features that would allow them to find and easily access the plugins that they really need.

And so here at Moodle HQ, we’ve listened and started on a project that aims to achieve two important outcomes:

  • improve the overall user interface and experience of the plugins directory
  • using more of the latest functionalities and technology of Moodle core versions to power the plugins directory

Moodle HQ worked with community members to do initial research into the look and feel of similar sites globally and analysing recommended patterns of UI development before building and testing a number of prototypes, to come up with this new user friendly interface.

With this new interface, you can expect the following from the Moodle plugins directory:

  • a modernised front page that lets you see the plugins card appear instantly as you change the filter form so there is no need to reload whole page
  • ability to search plugins based on ‘purpose’ and whether they can be used for communication, assessment, collaboration, administration or interface. This tagging will enable Moodle users to look and find the right plugin based on their requirements.
  • more advanced filtering options by using the ‘purpose’ search fields and also ‘plugin type’ drop-down menu to refine your search for the right plugin.
  • more accurate and relevant search results, displayed in a user-friendly way as a result of rewriting the whole plugins search engine.
  • and importantly, have more fun when browsing the plugins directory because it is more user friendly and accurate! A bit like surfing, as these new features in the plugins directory are being powered by the latest Moodle core functionalities.

Try it out today and we look forward to getting your feedback and thoughts in this forum!

Thank you!




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