Moodle Quiz: The Video Game, Thanks To This Plugin

Source: Moodle Quiz: The Video Game, Thanks To This Plugin | Moodle News

Every plugin available on the official (and just revamped) Plugin Directory has been thoroughly tested by Moodle HQ. If errors or important warnings appear, a team member will explain what should get fixed. He also enjoys giving developers the good news, as their work is officially approved to join the Directory.

A post at the blog features one of such entries. Namely, Quizventure, equal parts a game and a plugin. Quizventure turns multiple-choice and answer-matching question types into a “space invaders style game complete with retro sound effects”. Teachers or instructional designer can add specific questions from virtually any subject, and if they already have a bank of quizzes in Moodle, they can be plug into Quizventure, just by way of selecting it from the Moodle Activity picker whenever you can add one.

Quizventure is designed specifically with the purpose of improve memory and retention. Students play to master every answer, and if they fail, they take a “hit”. Therefore, perfect game score requires perfect Moodle Quiz score. By default, Quizventure lets students try as many times as they want.

Another token of noteworthiness for Quizventure is its listing along the plugins available for MoodleCloud sites.

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