In Elearning and EdTech, Personalize Or Perish 

Source: In Elearning and EdTech, Personalize Or Perish | Moodle News

Moodleroom’s E-Learn Magazine is announcing the recent partnership between “Adaptive e-Learning” company IADLearning, and its parent Blackboard, through a profile around the subject of personalization.

This gap in the market would become a nest for IADLearning to spawn and grow. Institutional clients were looking for ways to give a twist to their learning repositories, at times massive, into “informative content” that was useful and suitable for elearning. This meant that the substance of the content would have to be preserved, but narrated in a way that assures student motivation. And costing teachers as little of their precious time as possible.

Overtime, a software solution began to evolve, from gathering content across a variety of file extensions (DOC, PPT, PDF, the usual suspects), to reading into it, and establishing deeper linkages. Today is a “concept map navigator” where students can jump across the steps of knowledge, towards several directions “without getting lost“.

IADLearning’s array of visual and interactive tools are not just pretty charts. By providing learning paths, they provide and track students’ choices. The key assumption is that no two learners are alike, and that to help, the tools must “be as least invasive as possible“. IADLearning not only expects that students behave and learn in different ways. They embrace it.

Spaniard IADLearning gathers data available on an LMS including learners performance and course content, to develop “concept maps”, “personalized training pathways” and analytics. It is natively integrated with Moodlerooms, Blackboard Learn and Moodle.

Read the complete profile and interview of IADL at Moodlerooms’ E-Learn Magazine.

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