Checklist Will Do For Your Moodle What It’s Done For High-Performing Professionals | Moodle News

Source: Checklist Will Do For Your Moodle What It’s Done For High-Performing Professionals | Moodle News

It’s been seven years since The Checklist Manifesto. Before the Atul Gawande bestseller, I would not have believed the amount of critical mistakes professionals make on a daily basis. And if I had, then I would not have believed this deceivingly simple tool would be such a powerful solution. Experts across fields have embraced the simple truth: checklists are a big deal.

So it was no surprise the massive and positive reception the Moodle Checklist plugin received. A post on reviews the Moodle Checklist Plugin, one of the most widely adopted complements for Moodle. The official “Learn Moodle” MOOC implements a checklist on each semiannual offering.

Checklists keep responsibilities in check. They are a psychological signal that everything that needs care, will get care. This keeps worries at bay, therefore improving the conditions for better focus on the present and attention to one task. When the actions demand a certain degree of skill, a checklist sets boundaries on the perceived complexity. Splitting a difficult task into simple steps is as close to a unanimous advice to dealing with unfamiliarly large challenges, as a piece of advice can be.

The checklist plugin, once activated by the Moodle site administrator, allows teachers to create them within the scope of a course or a section. Teachers can also enable students to create their personal checklists, promoting a bit more autonomy and personal time management. Items can be set mandatory or optional, and a teacher’s dashboard allows them to see the progress each student’s own checklist.

Read more about the Checklist activity and block at

Read more about Checklist on the official Moodle documentation.

Download and install the Moodle Checklist Plugin from the official Directory page. The Checklist plugin is also available in MoodleCloud.

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