This Plugin Gives Moodle Blocks A New Home

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This Plugin Gives Moodle Blocks A New Home

David Mudrák is one of the many Moodle HQ team members who enjoy giving back to the Moodle Community. He maintains over ten publicly available plugins, updated regularly on the official Moodle Plugin Directory.

One of his latest releases is for Poster, an Activity plugin that looks to give safe harbor to the Moodle Blocks. Many, if not most of the Moodleverse, are starting to find alternatives for Blocks to provide information and interactivity on Moodle sites. But there are still many who rely on Blocks. Large installations would still take time to adapt to the new interfaces proposed by Moodle HQ in its attempt to unify Moodle’s interface on mobile and desktop devices. For these cases, Poster provides pages where designers can arrange Moodle blocks to their hearts’ content.

A Poster Activity is in fact a blank webpage, where any kind of HTML content has a place, not just Moodle Blocks. But Poster was designed with Blocks in mind, as a way to collect them, “without polluting the course front page”. Poster allows simple and flexible placement of content, independent of the Moodle site’s active theme and the possible restrictions they may carry. It supports responsive design, and Blocks can be added by drag-and-drop.

Mudrák suggests enhanced social walls, resource hubs, and course or project dashboards as ideal uses for Poster. He also recommends designers to familiarize with the official Moodle documentation on Blocks to make the most out of a Poster page.

Download or install Poster plugin from the official Moodle Plugin Directory. It supports Moodle 2.7 to 3.1.

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