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Source: Pukunui opens the iMoot Archives – Again! – Scott.Technology

Pukunui has again opened the iMoot archives and released the videos from iMoot16. No doubt this is to build excitement for iMoot17, which is coming up on May 18 – 20. iMoot16’s theme was Agents of Change – a Superhero eLearners theme. You can find the playlist on Pukunui’s YouTube channel.

iMoot16 was the first iMoot I participated in, and I’m in the playlist. Here is my presentation Moodle on a really really really small computer, an IoT talk that I gave in which I embraced the title of The IoT Moodler.

I absolutely cannot watch myself present. It’s just too hard. I should, to see my mistakes and learn from them. But I find it hard. I hope you enjoy it more than I do!

But watching short snippets here or there, I was reminded how I haven’t played with my IoT toys in a long time. Now that I have a brand new house with a brand new shed that will become my brand new workshop, I hope to write more about it soon. I have three water tanks that are crying out for my to outfit with Arduinos to measure the water levels. I have a new two bay garage that needs sensors to tell if there cars are there or not. I have a garden which needs a watering robot. So I am excited to make this my own personal IoT Makerspace. So I hope to blog on that more.

But getting back to iMoot, I love that Pukunui does this. I realise that conferences are a business and they need to pay their way, but the talks at tech conferences (and Moots are tech conferences!) have a life span. Some stuff is more relevant than others with time, but let’s be honest; the content of a tech conference has a definitive lifespan of usefulness. Instead of hoarding that content and letting it tech-rot in an archive, Pukunui is releasing it, and letting the greater community have access to it, whether they’ve paid or not. It’s great that they kept that exclusivity for paying customers for a year, but it’s awesome that it’s out there now.

For the record, Pukunui aren’t the only ones who do this. Moodle HQ has done this with content from their Moots, and has for awhile. And I’ve already written about WordPress.TV and other conferences doing this as well. Kudos all around for sharing content.

Some Highlights

iMoot16 had a great lineup, in addition to myself of course. Some great replays I’m going to have to watch soon include:

  • Joyce Seitzinger talking about LXDesign. I love hanging out with Joyce at conferences when I get a chance.
  • My good Twitter friend Ravi Murugesan talking about Formative Assessments using the Quiz.
  • The awesome Sarah Ashley, another Twitter friend, talking about Peer Reviews.
    A car with MO0DLE as the rego plate.
    A Moodle rego plate.
  • Kristina Hoeppner from Catalyst talking about portfolios.
  • Eric Hagley talking about telecollaboration in language courses. OMG Eric! We totally hang out whenever I go to Moodle Moot Japan. I didn’t realise you presented at iMoot. How did I miss this!
  • Stuart Mealor – a guy with an awesome rego plate – talking designing courses for mobile delivery.
  • Kim Salinas, yet another Twitter friend, talking about the MCCC.

That’s not the complete list, just the highlights I’m going to try to sneak in watching over the next few days.

If you want to join this illustrious list, the call for presentations for iMoot17 is now open. I’ve already signed up for two presentations and I hope you’ll join me. Presenters get in free to all the other sessions.

iMoot17 is from May 18 to May 20, 52 hours non-stop. Yes, you can brew a pot of coffee, grab some energy drinks, and a box of cheerios, and lock yourself in an attic and LMS conference your brain out for over two days straight. Please consider taking a nap or a shower in the break between sessions. Early bird tickets are still available.

And yes, in case you aren’t aware, I do work for Pukunui as a Trainer/Consultant, so yes, this post might have been a bit advertorial. I wasn’t working for Pukunui when I presented last year; I was still Miller TAFE Scott.

But I really think iMoot is a quality product, I like the community that has grown around it. I love that Pukunui is behind it, I think it’s a great thing that we do.  And I am looking forward to iMoot17. “Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Indeed!

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