UL app designed to streamline Moodle, Banner services

Source: UL app designed to streamline Moodle, Banner services – The Vermilion


The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s self-titled app launched last week in an effort to provide “seamless access to some of the most frequently utilized university systems and accounts,” according to a news release.

Powered by Ellucian, the company behind Banner, the app is free to download in the Apple and Google stores. When the app is downloaded onto someone’s smartphone, it will prompt the user to enter his or her ULID. After, students can access services such as their Zimbra mail accounts, ULink, Banner Self Service and account statements.

Brian Wilkerson, a freshman exercise science major, said although he had not heard about the app, he believed the app would be beneficial for students who may have their smartphone on hand more so than a campus map or address book.

“It’s very necessary,” he said. “Many kids don’t keep (information) on them, but everybody keeps their phone on them 24/7. It will make things really accessible.”

The interface is split into categories such as “Campus Information,” which provides the university website’s news feed and university contact list; “My UL Lafayette,” which allows students to access their courses, grades and financial information; and “Tools and Resources,” which sections off into Zimbra, Moodle and ULink. Students can also access their class schedules. The app also provides links to UL Lafayette’s social media, RaginCajuns.com.

Although the app is designed with students in mind, visitors may download it for expedited access to campus news, as well as an interactive map and mobile tour complete with addresses, images and descriptions of major campus buildings.

Students currently must know both their CLID, or a three-letter and four-digit code, and their ULID, or a one-letter and eight-digit code, to access all of their accounts associated with the university. The app requires only one login prompt to access all services. Visitors do not have to log in to use the campus map or university news features.

“Everything’s pretty outlined for you,” commented Torian Veillon, a sophomore business management major. She said she prefers the app to using Safari, the browser installed on her phone.

Ellucian’s app was designed to replace the previous app, which the university released in 2010. According to the Apple Store, the old app was last updated in 2015.

The app joins a myriad of campus-related apps such as The Buzz, which is UL Lafayette’s sole College Readership Program service and the Rave Guardian Campus Safety App, which is the UL Lafayette Police Department’s app.

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