Updates To The Fordson Theme For K-12 In Moodle 3.2

Source: Updates To The Fordson Theme For K-12 In Moodle 3.2 | Moodle News

Chris Kenniburg, of the Dearborn Public Schools Districts, recently released version 1.3.1 of the “Fordson” theme for Moodle 3.2.

With this update, “Fordson” allows further control of the NavBar (or Nav Drawer). This section on the left, togglable from a top-left hamburger (≡) icon, is one of the distinctive features of “Boost” at is breaks out with Moodle’s old look and approaches it to the Mobile experience. Now, it is possible to remove default items and add new ones.

To accomplish this, “Fordson” uses two complementary plugins that deal with NavBar customization. As such, there are even more contributions and collaborators to thank: Carlos Escobedo, for his Custom Navigation plugin; and Alexander Bias and the local_boostnavigation (not yet in the Moodle Plugin Directory). The functionality of these plugins has been merged and fused into “Fordson”, making them already available once the theme is installed.

Fordson also includes some enhancements that are great beyond the K-12 context:

  • Presets for quick and extended color picking options.
  • Image uploads in more places, including login page, headers and backgrounds.
  • An image uploaded as a Course Summary file automatically appears on an identifying header of the course.
  • Social media icon footer.
  • Marketing tiles and alertbox, best used in moderation.

Read more about the latest version of Fordson here. Make sure to check out the “Recommended Settings for Best Results” section.

If you want to take a look under the hood, or contribute, visit the code repository at GitHub.

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