Comprehensive Toolkit To Get You Started With Competency-Based Education

Source: Comprehensive Toolkit To Get You Started With Competency-Based Education | Moodle News

After “a multi-year effort” to document and consolidate the knowledge base with best practices in the application of Competencies, advocacy organization Digital Promise is launching its “Competency-based Education Toolkit,” which features a series of educational resources and tools designed to support the development of a CBE practices across learning organizations.

6 sections make up the toolkit:

Video Series introducing the program and CBE.

Stakeholder Outreach & Input: tools that help families, school leaders, district and board officers, among others, get involved as the organization consolidates a vision and purpose for the CBE practices.

Curriculum & Instruction: resources for the development and adaptation of educational strategies that conform to the CBE standards set by the organization. In CBE fashion, they promote differential interventions, modularity, collaboration, and framing of the student as a “self-directed learner.”

Standards & Assessment: the content in this section illustrates how Competencies can leverage more flexible approach assessments that focus on knowledge transfer, have a direct relation with defined objectives, and show “demonstrable understanding” through rubrics.

Infrastructure & Policy: This section outlines technical requirements, including hardware, software, network and systems, as well as the process of harmonization with higher-level district and system policies.

Support, Staffing & Scheduling: This final section offers pointers for the development and coaching of professional learning plans to make sure faculty and staff have the appropriate skills to carry out the CBE approach in the organization.

Authorized by the US Congress in 2008, Digital Promise, or the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, is a nonprofit supported by the US Department of Education, the Carnegie Corporation, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Gates Foundation. The development of the toolkit synthesized experiences from 8 school districts from 8 different US states.

Access the CBE Toolkit at

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