iMoot Mini Moot 2017: 24 Straight Hours Of Moodle Coming Up

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If 52 consecutive hours of practical Moodle insight weren’t enough, iMoot’s got you covered with more talks to advance your skills and perseverance before the end of the year.

A call for presentations is currently open for iMoot. Even though one of iMoot’s distinctive traits is its openness and broad array of subjects, a special focus will be given to E-Learning, M-Learning (Mobile), and B-Learning (Blended). Interested speakers should consider these and the following topics as suggestions.
  • General LMS-agnostic practices
  • Moodle and derivatives
  • Integrations
  • LMS development and case studies
  • UX/UI
  • Other systems that play nicely with Moodle

Attendees and accepted speakers will enjoy a special section of the site with forums and access to the presentations and resources as soon as they are over and for weeks after the event.

iMoot starts at 21:00 GMT time on Thursday, November 16th, 2017, and will end 24 hours later. Registration is set at $49 USD.

Follow the event via social media activity using #iMoot and @iMootOnline.

iMoot is organized by Pukunui. Official page at

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