Gamification using Gomo

One of the content devs in my team has been testing out Gomo for a client. The reason for going with Gomo, is that the client wanted responsive, SCORM compliant content. They also had one additional requirement – gamification of the content.

As an old Flash developer this would have been a walk in the park. But it’s Gomo, so things were a little challenging. Also, this was our first time using Gomo, so that also added to the fun.

Here is a link to the demo we built.

We took some content from wikiHow ( ) to build the demo and added graphics from the web. We also added some Lorem Ipsum content where we needed more.

Below are a few screenshots taken from the course. The course starts with a map showing your journey.


At the bottom of each page is a progress indicator showing which topics have been completed.


You are given a reward on completion of each topic. The completion conditions vary from topic to topic.


Clicking “Continue” returns you to the map. the completed topic is now orange and the next topic is available. The other topics are locked forcing you into a linear path along the map.


The footer in the topic also updates to show you which topics have been completed.


As mentioned, we used content from wikiHow to build this small demo showing that simple gamification of content in Gomo is possible. This was only my dev’s first attempt at Gomo using a trial license. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.


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