Giving Moodle a “Boost”

Over the weekend I read a post on LMS Pulse ( ) entitled, “Is The LMS Ugly?”.


In the article the author mentions that 80% of people surveyed found some form of dissatisfaction with Moodle. When talking to my own clients they often tell me that they want a Moodle site, that does not look like Moodle.


Being a passionate Moodler, I would always jump to it’s defense, but not any more…
For me Moodles beauty lies in the way it does things, and what it allows a good developer to do. For me the beauty of Moodle is more that just skin deep.


So to illustrate why I say this.


We helped set up a Moodle site for a big retailer in South Africa. They wanted a custom login screen, as well as a custom Dashboard page for their users.


Custom login screen



The login screen presents the users with an elevator where they enter their Employee Number, and click the elevator button to log in.


Dashboard screen



Once logged in, the Dashboard screen automatically loads. Each course is represented by a level. Some users are only expected to complete the first two levels, while store managers are expected to complete all four levels.


Store managers can also click on Manage Learners to view all the employees in their stores learning progress. This button does not appear on the screen if you are not a store manager.


Each activity in the course is represented by a card on the level. As the activities are completed, the cards switch from grey to full colour. The cards are also linked to the type of learning that will be done in the activity. This not only gives the learns an indication of progress, but also of what type of activity they still need to complete.


Some of the users at the company may never have been exposed to an LMS, or elearning. A simple, clean and effective design allows users, regardless of previous LMS experience, to easily navigate around the site and access the content.


Starting with the Boost theme as our base, we could quite easily put together a unique learning experience for user based on the mockups provided by the client. The design is clean, and simple and works equally well on a PC or a tablet. The navigation is simple and the users sees only what they need on the screen.


So, if clients think Moodle is “ugly”, I give them a blank sheet of paper and say, “Let’s start here, because with Moodle a lot is possible.”


The above is but one example, there are more to come.

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