PepAfrica’s Road to Growth

Towards the end of May, iLite launched a Moodle site for PepAfrica.

For those who may not know what Moodle is, Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS), used for online learning. In that sense, Moodle is no different from any of the other players in the LMS space. But that’s not completely true… Moodle is very customizable, and this allows us to create unique learning experiences for our clients.

PepAfrica’s requirement were two-fold:

  • Create a unique learning experience for the users in the stores.
  • Create a slightly different learning experience for the users in the distribution centers and at the head office.

PepAfrica has stores in six countries across Africa. From Angola in the west, Nigeria, and Uganda in the north to Mozambique in the east. The solution had to be available in two languages – English and Portuguese, and it had to be very bandwidth friendly.

Part of the design brief was the inclusion of gamification. For PepAfrica, and also Pepstores, the concept of “Sikhula KunYe” is very much a part of their culture.

Sikhula KunYe means Growing Together, and this concept of growing together is what formed the basis of the gamification element within the site. The more one learns, the more you grow.

Translate this into gamification and the users are being rewarded with sand, seeds and water for completing activities and assessments on the site. The users performance in an assessment is linked to the number of rewards they receive. The more sand, seeds and water you are rewarded with, the faster you progress from acorn to tree.

Below are some screenshots of the build.

An embedded video in the user tour welcomes the users to the site.
iLite builds a custom plugin to look at a specified Moodle forum and return the posts made by the users. This functionality is also available on the Mobile app using an RSS feed.
A custom course layout page allows users to view the progress of a course and find other courses to enroll in.
The user has access to their personal profile section where they can view all their details. Only their email address, phone number and profile picture can be updated.
Animation for the Growth Journey was done in Storyline. 
Moodle variables, like the number of points earned in a quiz, are passed into Storyline and this controls the animation as the user progresses from acorn to tree.
The growth journey is linked to a leaderboard, with the object being to earn points for completing courses and scoring high marks in the assessment.

“Those with a growth mindset believe that skills, intellect, and talents
can be developed.”

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